#97 Politics – ‘Whoops! Opened The Wrong Door’


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Swaggering around with all my confidence from yesterday I stumble across a problem, I have nowhere to swagger to. I don’t really have any work on at the moment, and Vienna has been transported to the Siberian Peninsular, apparently, so what is a boy to do? What can a 28 year old guy do in his apartment alone all day with only the internet for company? Go on twitter, exactly. Now, regular readers of the blog will notice there is an absence of politics, and this is a deliberate thing. It is not that I am ignorant of it, and I will happily debate anyone on anything, any where, any time! Bring it!*. But herein lies the problem.

There is no such thing as reasoned debate anymore, there are just people cowering behind upturned desks throwing shit at each…

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