DBT Emotion Regulation, Checking The Facts

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Yesterday I returned to my regular Saturday DBT Skills Group after a two week break post Mallorca. Continuing to work through the Emotion Regulation module, we were introduced to a new skill known as “Checking The Facts”, which I will outline below.

Considering I have recently been struggling with a lot of Teleological Thinking (explained in this post here), having to complete the Checking The Facts worksheet was pretty relevant and beneficial to my process.

This skill functions to help an individual decipher whether a challenging emotion or situation has been caused by a prompting event, one’s subjective interpretation of this event, or indeed both. Getting the facts straight can lead to a reduction in one’s levels of distress and an increased ability to problem-solve effectively, especially if it is realised in hindsight that a prior situation has been misjudged.

Here is a copy of the worksheets we had to…

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