I can’t count how many time I have been called a bigot, xenophobe, islamophobe, homophobe, transphobe, racist, sexist, alt righter.

I’m a classical liberal, libertarian.

It upsets me that talking about politics, and discussing views comes down to name calling, and telling people to kill themselves.

Great comment to Mindfumps post.

Mr Buffy Devane

The blogpost where Buffy tries to be all clever and pretend he's a bit wise like Socrates, but convinces no-one....

This is expanded from a comment I made in response to the excellent and erudite Mindfump. [He's great. You should go read his stuff.] 


At the risk of sounding particularly smug, I pride myself on having impeccable taste in friends... indeed, without exception, all my friends are delicious and fabulous people. They also all rate extremely highly in the compassion stakes... one of the biggest reasons, really, that they're my friends.  They're also all more clever than myself [it's not hard, to be fair] -- it's always good to have wise and clever friends. They raise us up. However, this circle of friends also has a wide diversity of political and religious viewpoints -- from hippie liberals to stodgy socialists to curmudgeonly conservatives -- sometimes dissimilar to…

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2 thoughts on “POLLY TICKLE, MUCH?

  1. Thank you for the reblog.
    Wow; that’s some toxic name-calling… I’m so very sorry; the tendency of some to want to shut down debate by way of negative labelling is worryingly virulent, bordering on sociopathic.

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