Solid win for McCluskey. Humble pie for for the ‘N Korea’ brigade


In breaking news, Len McCluskey has won by a solid margin in the contest for the Unite General Secretaryship, with a winning margin of 5% in spite of a creditable 13% achieved by the other left-wing candidate Ian Allinson, which would certainly have gone to McCluskey in Allinson’s absence.

Challenger Coyne did better than many had expected, with 41% to McCluskey’s 46%, but with his campaign tainted by admissions of the use of Labour member data whose subjects had not given their permission for its release to the right-wing challenger.

This puts to shame the right-wing conspiracy theorists who were, earlier today, comparing Coyne’s suspension by the union as ‘like North Korea’ and claiming not to know why he was suspended, even though the news of his admitted data breaches had been widely circulated since they were broken by this blog and Evolve Politics – leading to that infamous admission…

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