#101 Learning – ‘Plate Spinning Extraordinaire’


I must say I do like learning, it is the foundation of life for me. I want to learn and develop in every way I can. I want to see new things and experience new things. The only way, in my opinion, to do it is to broaden your knowledge, your surroundings and your horizons. Do it through travel, talking, reading, exploring and there’s no end to what you can learn. I mean, here I am after years of travel and university and I can now flick my fingers like Ali G, I learned what the washing symbols on that label inside your shirt do and I can even make a hard-boiled egg in the shape of a heart*.

As I said, foundations of life.

Today I am in the process of acquiring a new skill. See, I was never really an organised person. I was always that kid who never…

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