Music For Studying And Research

The Orwellian Chronicle

If you are anything like me, you enjoy listening to music while you study or do research. I have compiled a list of interesting music to check out the next time you are sitting at your desk, or wherever you do the heavy thinking.

Tycho: Pretty chill music, calming, great for when you need to focus.

Bonobo: very similar artist to Tycho, very rich sounds but never overwhelming. I absolutely love to alternate between these two artists when I’m writing and working on blog posts.

The Enigma TNG: Absolutely love this stuff. Kinda like retro synth wave but darker.. In fact I think it actually falls into the category “Dark Synthwave”. Really gets my creative juices flowing, love this stuff.

Crosses: One of my all time favorites. Lead singer of the Deftones lends his voice to this project. Excellent vibes, reminds me of Depeche Mode.

This here is a little…

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