The Hypochondriac (and Dillon) Try “Dulces Kokito’s Roco Koko Candy”

Tales of a Hypochondriac

Here is my very first post from my new “The Hypochondriac Tries” series. Guys, I’m so thankful for my readers! I just wanted to give back by giving you all a good laugh! So, here it is!

I took a trip to the Mexican store yesterday, trying to figure out what I was going to sink my teeth into. I wanted (badly) to review the Unicorn Frappuccino, but I couldn’t get to Starbucks. Instead, I found these delicious looking coconut (and what seems like chocolate) candy. I surely hope it’s chocolate. Mexican candy has the tendency to have chili powder. Seriously. Everything has it. My in-laws introduced me to those pineapple lollipops with just a hint of the stuff and they are delicious. I’m still hoping this is chocolate. I also hope those yellow cube dudes on the packaging have a genuine smile and not just a “you’re gonna get…

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