These are .@bbcnews’ social media guidelines. Think they’re following them?


Below is a screen-grab of part of the social media guidelines issued by BBC News to their staff. They are clear about the need for impartiality:

bbc social media guidance.jpgThere appears to be little sign so far of any respect for, let alone adherence to, these guidelines. For example, this tweet by Laura Kuenssberg today took Theresa May’s disappearance into hiding – part of a clear pattern of failure to engage in the campaign at all, except for a few tightly-controlled and restricted appearances – and attempted to portray it as a ‘strategy’:

lk awol mayCould “stew in its own juice” – dripping with disdain and begging the question whether Labour stewing in anything after Corbyn’s flying start to Labour’s campaign – be taken as anything but ‘openly partisan’?

Ms Kuenssberg was already found guilty by the BBC Trust of bias last year over a mis-portrayed interview with Labour Jeremy Corbyn. Seems neither…

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