Editorial: Tories get a cruel fix from seeing poor people suffer : Welfare Weekly


For the modern Conservative Party, there’s nothing “difficult” about cutting financial support for those lease able to defend themselves.

For years we’ve been forced to listen to Tory claims that they’ve had to make “difficult decisions” to manage Britain’s finances and balance the books, while their actions have resulted in pushing the poorest and the most vulnerable people in our society to the brink and beyond.

For the Conservatives and their ideologically-driven supporters, pain and misery is an economic necessity that must take place regardless of the consequences, whilst handing tax breaks and unconditional support to the super rich and courting their friends in the right-wing media – many of whom are Tory donors.

We’re told that the economy is on the path to recovery, and that the Conservatives have replaced Labour as the party of the working class, at a time when record numbers are trapped on zero-hours contracts…

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