A Non-Specific Amount of Reasons Why ‘Reasons Why’ Posts Are A Load of Nonsense


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O K, all hail the hypocrite. In I walk on my beautiful high horse, like a poor mans Donald Trump. So, before it all comes my way, I get it, I am guilty for two reasons*; firstly I have almost certainly used ‘Reasons Why’ in some of my posts, and secondly this post is one of them.

So you will see it every where on the internet, everyone knows something you don’t, and everyone has the answers to everything. Not only do they have the answers but they have a very specific amount of them. These posts are the ‘Reason Why’ posts, they are complied reasons as to why you should or shouldn’t do something, it is even the title of a new programme which everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of.

So where does all the knowledge come from, and why…

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