SNP runs public services while Tories run them down in a tale of two governments : Daily Record.


SNP MSP Joan McAlpine argues that when it comes to education, health, fairness and more besides, the Scottish Government’s record stands tall against Conservatives intent on putting the boot in.

It’s time to revisit the tale of two governments – the Government in London led by Theresa May’s Tories and the Government in Edinburgh led by Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.

By any comparison in the tale of two governments, the SNP administration are head and shoulders ahead – despite the Tories cutting Scotland’s budget by almost £3billion over a decade.

Remember that when the Tories come knocking on your door, attacking the SNP record on health and education.

Their own is much worse.

Here are just a few comparisons:


In Scotland, the SNP Government offer university students free tuition.

In Tory England, they pay up to £9000 a year.

In Scotland, the SNP Government offer educational maintenance allowance…

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