All The Tories Have Got Is Insults To Counteract Their Dreadful Record Of Pulverising The Public Since 2010


And some finger-pointing of course.  Go and point your finger at Putin then Boris because thanks to Michael Fallon’s agreement to be part of an ”EU Army” that’s about all the defence equipment UK has left now – apart from a few  motorised rubber boats to protect the coast – not!  You think Treason May is going to deliver true freedom for UK?  Have a listen to David Ellis @ Strategic Defence Initiative for the true picture.

EU: Military Union Is Budgetary Union

Monday, 26th September 2016

AND this as well of course – UK will be forced to pay millions for a private EU army for MEPs despite Brexit

Treason May is intending to deliver a united EU Army, under Brussels control, which will underpin the EURO via a Tax  of 2 percent across the whole group of nations…

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