LABOUR TURMOIL: Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘GOT TO GO’ if he loses General Election, party MP claims : Express


Michael Dugher and Jeremy Corbyn

JEREMY Corbyn must resign as Labour leader if the left-wing party loses at the upcoming General Election, a party MP has claimed.

Labour’s Michael Dugher, who has decided not stand for seat again in Barnsley East, claimed it would be “an act of profound self-indulgence and vanity” if Mr Corbyn stayed on following another Conservative victory.

According to Wednesday’s monthly Ipsos Mori Political Monitor poll, Tories are expected to win 49 per cent of the vote, with Labour trailing at a possible 26 percent.

Mr Dugher told the New Statesman: “If Jeremy loses the General Election he’s got to go.

“The election’s started, I want Labour to do as well as possible but if Labour lost again, particularly if we did worse than last time, it would be ridiculous and an act of profound self-indulgence and vanity to consider staying on in those circumstances.

“I don’t know what his office…

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