RIP Off – Death Tax Back On The Agenda As Former Cameron Advisor Baroness Cavendish Turns Heads With SHOCKING Policy Suggestion


Lady Cavendish, pictured with the former prime minister, was given a peerage in Mr Cameron’s resignation honours and confirmed she may occasionally sit as an independent crossbench peer, for which she would be paid £300 per attendance 

‘Such shock proposals were laughed off by the Conservatives in 2009 when a similar idea was suggested by the Labour party.

But, in an apparent U-turn of thought, Baroness Cavendish told Newsnight: “We need a death tax to fund social care.

so the people who have worked all their lives get screwed again while immigrants and scroungers will be looked after for free

Silent Bystander
Evil toad. Be careful what you wish for. Face up and admit to the real reasons for the drain on the free NHS resources. Stop blaming a handful of elderly citizens who have paid taxes all their lives to support the new wave of…

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