They say Labour is financially inept. Yet just look at Tory welfare spending : The Guardian


From the botched universal credit scheme to a housing policy that puts people on the streets, Conservative policies are a masterclass in incompetence.

One of the greatest falsehoods of modern British politics is that the public purse is safe in Conservative hands. As George Osborne slopes off from public office, he leaves the stain of a government that imposed a decade of gruelling austerity in the name of “deficit reduction”, all for nought, as he missed his own targets again and again.

And yet, going into this election, it is Labour – the party that oversaw repeated growth and reduced debt – that carries the reputation of fiscal ineptitude.

The 2015 general election, in many ways, became the apex of a conversation that has played out since the last Labour government. The Conservatives ram home the myth that the British economy was wrecked not by bankers or…

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