Treason May Needed Yet Another ”Tourism” Event To Help Her As She Stutters Through Her Latest Campaign Trail Gig


GW:  One skinny bloke with a sackful of knives; 30 cops armed to the teeth; 650 MPs quaking at the knees behind at least 3 sets of barricades in front of HofC.  Looney Tunes springs to mind!  Those who write Hollywood Scripts seem to rely on huge exaggeration of  everything.  Two day car chases; babies flying through the air and miraculously surviving; people falling from buildings onto car tops and walking away etc.  This is just another stupid script by a stupid script kiddie.  What would a single bloke be doing in Westminster with a sackful of knives if it wasn’t in the design to be caught by police?  How much was he paid to do it?  BBC rolling with it yet?  Panic Panic Fear Fear.  My goodness are we safe in our beds?  Well that has definitely put a stop to any ToriCon doing any pre-election walkabouts…

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