UK Column News 27th April 2017 Boris: Parliament Approval Not Needed To Go To War.


George The Greek Trucker

  • Treason May was on the Campaign Trail and said she wanted to lead the world in preventing tourism.
  • Bonking Boris the Bald was using the Royal ”We”  when talking about bombing Syria.  Using the plural ”we” makes psychos feel less lonely.
  • OPCW in the news for ”having a 20th birthday”yet they refused to go to Syria to get evidence of what happened in Idlib recently even though preventing Chemical Weapons is their ”business”.  They are instead relying on information garnered from Turkey.
  • Russia has banned 3 more NGOs linked to Khodorkovsky who is in turn linked to George SoreAss.
  • EU is getting Special Status in NATO – > European Army in the making but Fallon was missing in action at that recent Meeting in Malta it seems.
  • Junkers has said that EU Military Union was a condition of UK rejoining the EU and T May has…

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