#105 Depressionless – ‘Wandering Around The Happiness Cupboard’


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I ‘m still here, in happiness. Or whatever you call it. It is quite unfamiliar territory I must say. The last time that I had such a sustained period of happiness I was training for an Ironman triathlon. I wouldn’t even say that was happiness, more that I just had so little energy all of the time, that zero emotion, positive or negative, could escape my very being.

I feel like I’ve found this place by accident. I’ve lived in this body for 28 years now and for whatever reason I never noticed that big wardrobe in the corner of my mind before. Not only did I not see this metaphorical wardrobe I didn’t notice that I’d walked into it*. Suddenly I am in Narnia, a kind of happiness Narnia.

I’m yet to make friends with a lion, although I would…

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