May says EU’s tough stance means we need HER!? She can’t face a pensioner!


Radio 4 afforded the SKWAWKBOX a big laugh this evening. As anyone with any sense predicted, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other EU leaders are saying that no Brexit deal can give the UK terms equal to or better than EU members enjoy. No surprise.

Theresa May, in a move as opportunistically desperate as it is hilarious, was broadcast by Radio 4 this evening claiming that this ‘tough negotiating stance’ means that the UK needs to vote Conservative to put her and her party at the helm because – you’ve guessed it – these horrid Europeans need someone strong and stable to deal with them with a firm hand.


corbyn laughingTheresa May:

  • daren’t debate Jeremy Corbyn
  • daren’t speak in public except to a hand-picked audience and without binding them to silence
  • can’t speak to a 73yo pensioner without looking hideously nerve-ridden
  • stammered and stumbled her way through yesterday’s PMQs at…

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