Pharmaceutical giants threaten to abandon the UK unless an additional £20 billion is invested into the NHS each year : Daily Mail.


  • Limited NHS finances may threaten all of the UK’s £30 billion life sciences sector
  • Firms may reconsider working in the Britain if their drugs face market rejection
  • Some have accused the firms of bluffing, arguing taxes are set at their maximum
  • An extra £20 billion will align the UK with the healthcare budgets of G7 members
  • Each of the 140,000 medical research worker adds  £104,000 to the economy

The world’s largest drug companies have threatened to abandon Britain unless the NHS gets an additional £20 billion a year.

Financial limitiations imposed on the NHS may threaten all of Britain’s £30 billion life sciences sector as drug firms may reconsider working in the UK.

Lisa Anson, president, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), said that the election is coming at a critical time and if politicians fail to prioritise health expenditure, Britain risks becoming ‘a desert for healthcare innovation’.

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