“Something is Out to Get Me!” No, You’re Just Paranoid.

Tales of a Hypochondriac

Panic attacks and worry aren’t the only thing anxiety can bring. What about paranoia?

Now, I am paranoid. I don’t run around with a tin foil hat yelling, “THE MONSTER’S ARE COMING!” I really just always think the worst possible outcome will happen. Mostly, when I’m out and about by myself.

I drive to the convenience store alone, sometimes. It’s not that far from home, so I’m not completely scared to drive. However, I will go only during the day. I get weary when I see a big guy there. Especially, if he’s the only one besides the cashier (who stays on her phone). So, I’ll grab whatever I came to get and have to walk, awkwardly, past the guy. On the outside, I smile and nod a greeting towards him when he looks at me, but it’s the inside that is throwing up red flags, for no reason. I…

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