Theresa May’s plea to Labour supporters: Lend me your votes : i News


Theresa May is targeting Labour heartlands (Photo: Chris Radburn - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Theresa May has launched an audacious attempt to win over Labour supporters by urging them to “lend me their vote” to strengthen her hand in Brexit negotiations. Her message – delivered in the Labour stronghold of Leeds – reflects Conservative confidence that the party could make electoral in-roads into former no-go areas. Earlier she visited the Derbyshire constituency of Chesterfield, which was last represented by the Conservatives in the 1930s.
She insisted that this election was “not about who you may have voted for in the past”, but “voting in the national interest”. And she mounted a fresh attack on Jeremy Corbyn’s fitness to head the government. Four of the five seats in Leeds are held by Labour with large majorities and have never been regarded as Tory targets. The fifth is held by the Liberal Democrats with the Conservatives in third place. ‘Traditional’ Labour area Mrs May said: “I…

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