A tale of two amici curiae (plural of amicus curiae) aka friendly person of the SC.


For all those who came late

On 16/12/2012 Jyothi was brutalized and raped by six brutes in a moving bus in Delhi and she died on 29/12/2012 in a Singapore hospital.

Of the six one hanged himself in Tihar jail.

One minor was in a juvenile home and was released on attaining majority. Menaka Gandhi famously reported that for the government to arrest him he has to commit another offense, till then he is a free bird. It can be assumed that he is in India maybe even in your neighborhood. As his photo was never published you may not even know him even if he is travelling next to you in a train/bus but he has the liberty to to choose his next victim.

The next four were awarded death penalty by the trial court and duly approved by the HC. The SC has concluded hearing their appeals for…

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