Tories bury miners’ strike files until 2066 : Morning Star


Justice campaigners’ fury as vital documents locked away

CAMPAIGNERS are demanding the release of newly discovered files about the police attack on striking miners at Orgreave in Yorkshire in 1984.

But Tory ministers have said that the “sensitive” files will remain secret until 2066.

Activists said that all the people affected by the police brutality would be dead by then and any further investigation or an inquiry would be fruitless.

The decision brought a storm of protest from the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign (OTJC), and a call from a Commons committee of MPs for their release.

On June 18 1984, police brutally attacked striking miners peacefully picketing Orgreave coke plant, near Rotherham. For four years, the OTJC has pressed for a public inquiry into the attack and who authorised it.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd promised an inquiry last year but changed her mind despite continued campaigning by activists to…

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