Corbyn looks PM material and meets public, May pretends to be b’day party (video) #GE17


Theresa May’s dire start to her General Election campaign continued today as she appeared in the tiny village hall at Banchory in Scotland – again speaking to handful of carefully-vetted listeners in a strictly stage-managed setting. Mrs May sneaked into the hall via a back door:

may back door.pngMay has been widely mocked for refusing to participate in live TV debates because she would be ‘out and about meeting the public‘ – and then hiding from the public. Clearly at least one local had heard about her excuses, because he shouted at May to ‘Meet the public!‘ as she entered the hall – and was completely ignored by the Tory leader:

#ChickenMay, #WheresTheresa, #WeakAndWobbly, choose your hashtag – but May plumbed new depths on her visit to Banchory.

So desperate was she to avoid any actual members of the public turning up while she was there – and…

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