DIY #2 Beth Greene custom made Funko Pop Vinyl Figure

DIY-Beth-2I am a huge The Walking Dead Fan and besides Daryl Dixon Beth Greene is my favorite TWD character ever. I totally don’t get why there is no Beth Greene Funko Pop, which pretty much annoys me but while I’m still waiting for them to release a Beth Greene Funko Pop I made my own.

Who else watches The Walking Dead? Who’s your favorite? I’m totally on Team Bethyl. I know there are also as many Team Caryl Fans but I will always be on Team Delusional. I just love both of them too much and I think they really had a very intense connection.

This is how to make your own Beth Greene Funko Pop:



  • Jupiter Jones Funko Pop Vinyl Figure
  • Acrylic paints (yellow, blue, brown, red)
  • Sculpt for hair pieces
  • paint brushes
  • water

Optional step

Something I didn’t do but you could still do: seperate…

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