#110 Cameo – ‘It’s All In Your Head’


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here have been a few good cameos over the years; you’ve had Tom Cruise dancing around in Tropic Thunder, you’ve had Martin Sheen in Hot Shots! Which was one of the first movies I remember watching – in case you wondered. Not every cameo works out though, to make a good cameo you need to be self-deprecating, and take yourself out of your comfort zone*. Something Michael Jackson didn’t want to do when he turned down a cameo in Man in Black. It would have been a good opportunity to parody his image by pretending to be an alien disguised as human. He shunned the opportunity and continued being a human disguised as an alien. He did do a cameo in the second movie though.

My B movie of a mind had a cameo today, and it was worse than Michael Jackson. I had what…

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