This is the Left’s Biggest Chance : Morning Star


McDonnell marks Workers’ Day with call to seize moment and kick the Tories out.

JOHN McDONNELL told the May Day masses yesterday that the general election is the biggest chance of a lifetime for the left.

Addressing a packed Trafalgar Square on International Workers’ Day, the shadow chancellor launched a searing attack on the Tory government’s record of cuts, low pay and privatisation.

He said: “This is a Tory government that has presided over a country in which our nurses have to rely on foodbanks. Yes that’s right, nurses — the heroes of our NHS — abandoned by this government.

“And all this Tory Prime Minister can say about it is there are ‘complex’ reasons.

“It just shows how out of touch and how little she and her party really care about the problems facing hardworking people in our country.

“The reasons why people use foodbanks are not complex —…

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