this our country

Paragraphs from the Book I'll never Write

Year 1329, Planet Alcane

Human Country
“What do you think they do in there?” Oscar asked suddenly. His partner looked up from her book, regarded him for a moment, then looked away.

“Theresa?” Oscar leaned in closer. “What do you think?”

Theresa sighed. “How should I know?”

Oscar shrugged, undeterred. Cupping a hand over his eyes he gazed up the hill. “Whatever they do up there, I bet it’s fun.”

Theresa flipped over the page. “How you figure?”

“For starters, they don’t work. They just lie around in their estate…drinking herbal tea, braiding hair.” From the corner of her eye, she saw his expansive shoulders droop, a sigh heaving out like a gush of wind. “Must be amazing.”

Theresa looked up, thought to say something, then looked back down. The silence brewed between them then, something so comfortable she almost forgot he was there.

But Oscar didn’t thrive in silence…

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