#111 Aliens – ‘A Sign Of Depression’


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I f you haven’t seen the movie Signs then you’re welcome to go back and watch it before dismissing it as a load of nonsense. Alternatively don’t watch it, and dismiss it as a load of nonsense to save time*. For those that don’t know, the movie is about these aliens that come to Earth with unknown intentions. Not only that, but they decide to visit Mel Gibson – worthy of a trans-galaxy investigation all of its own.

Before the aliens come though they leave signs. That is why the movie is called Signs, because they leave signs. It is a sign. Hollywood has never been one for subtly or subtext, rather like the characters in Top Gun, who were called Maverick and Iceman. One was a maverick pilot, the other was a prehistoric frozen male human person.

Anyway, so they leave these…

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