Breaking: Southall residents protest for a change of #GE17 candidate


Just a few minutes ago, at 2pm, a very unusual protest started in the London constituency of Ealing Southall – a protest by residents calling on the Labour party to nominate a new candidate for the General Election in place of the incumbent MP, Virendra Sharma.

sharma.pngVirendra Sharma MP

The protest follows an open letter submitted by the residents in the middle of last month to the Labour leader and others, expressing their complete lack of confidence in the MP over what they regard as divisive and inflammatory behaviour in a constituency with a large number of Sikh, Muslim and Hindu residents:

southall utd jc.pngThe normal processes for a local Labour party to remove an MP who is considered unsatisfactory have been suspended because of the short timescale to the election and the Labour Party has essentially ‘rubber-stamped’ the candidacy of every incumbent MP who wishes to stand for re-election, driving constituents…

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