Debt. Taxes. Hell for YOUR family. Accidental Tory ‘truth in advertising’. #GE17


The Tories have tried to launch a new campaign poster – but appear to have committed the campaigning equivalent of a ‘Freudian slip’:

tory hell poster

out loud

A ‘Freudian slip’ is where someone accidentally tells a truth they would rather keep secret – and this would definitely apply here.

freudian slip

Family hell

Since 2010, the Tories have indeed created a hell for huge numbers of families:

  • their cuts have disproportionately affected women and children
  • numbers of homeless familes and children have soared, as this graphic from Christmas 2016 showed:

    homeless childrenImage courtesy of @rachael_swindon

  • the number of children living in poverty has rocketed to an incredible four million almost one third of the UK’s children
  • teachers report a huge increase in the number of children arriving at school too hungry to study – a situation that has become so bad that many teachers are buying food for their pupils out of their own pocket

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