Diane Abbott’s poor interview? Tories are CUTTING police – and #KimJongMay’s still hiding


Diane Abbott gave a poor interview to LBC radio this morning on Labour’s police numbers pledge. We all have our off days and Ms Abbott appears to have lost her train of thought after being rudely interrupted by a host with more than a bit of form in that area. These things happen.

Meanwhile, in actual news, Tory Home Secretary Amber Rudd refused to rule out further cuts in police numbers – which the Tories have already reduced by more than 20,000 since 2010, resulting in the reversal of long-term downward trends in crime figures:

rudd independent.pngIn fact, the Tories have already flagged cuts in police funding equivalent to a further reduction in police numbers of over 13,000 – and may, as Rudd refused to rule out, cut further.

But of course, Ms Abbott’s poor interview is the news today and not the Tories’ plans to make us all far…

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