Labour is right on the NHS pay cap – now get the fat cats out of the health service : Socialist Worker


NHS workers on strike over pay in 2014

Labour has pledged today, Wednesday, to scrap the Tories’ 1 percent pay cap for tens of thousands of health workers.

The party’s shadow health secretary John Ashworth addressed the Unison union’s health conference in Liverpool. He said health workers had been “ignored, insulted, undervalued, overworked and underpaid”.

“I can confirm that an incoming Labour government will scrap the pay cap and give NHS workers the pay they deserve,” he said.

The right wing press has already jumped on Ashworth’s speech as a “reckless” move that would push the NHS deeper into crisis. The Daily Mail newspaper claimed the cap “has helped to prevent health trusts slipping even further into the red”.

It said lifting the cap would “blow a “£1 billion hole in the health budget”—as the Tories plan to create a £22 billion crater. Their plans come on top of years of budget cuts, marketisation and privatisation that…

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