Polls show Corbyn is rapidly gaining ground on Theresa May and the Conservatives : Evolve Politics


So, the General Election campaigns are up and running. This, the first week of proper campaigning, has been either very good or very, very bad depending on whether you’re following Labour or the Tories.

For Labour the week has gone from strength to strength. Corbyn has been out and about and has spoken to large, supportive crowds. He’s seen his poll rating jump by 13 points in only a few days. Theresa May, on the other hand, has seen her poll rating drop as much as Corbyn’s has climbed and her public profile seems almost non-existent.

Corbyn has drawn attention to May’s apparent unwillingness to meet and greet the average voter. Her refusal to take part in live TV debates hasn’t done him any harm, either. Social media, now an important factor in getting a party’s message out, has been more supportive of Corbyn with the hashtags Kim Jong-May and

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