Theresa May is a “bloody liar” says Sybil after Corbyn reads out her NHS question : Socialist Worker


Part of a huge protest in defence of the NHS in London last month

A pensioner whose fears about going into hospital were ridiculed by Theresa May has slammed the Tory leader as a “bloody liar”.

Sybil Ashton from Haringey, north London, had a question read out at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Wednesday. “I am 88 and have had a wonderful service from the National Health Service, but nowadays I am scared at the thought of going into hospital,” it said.

Sybil Ashton remembers when there wasnt an NHS

Sybil told Socialist Worker, “Theresa May is a bloody liar, she’s just awful, she’s worse than Margaret Thatcher.

“If May gets in again, the Tories will privatise the NHS and we will lose it.”

At PMQs Corbyn asked, “With more people waiting more than four hours in A&E, more people waiting on trolleys in corridors, is Sybil not right to be frightened about the future of our NHS so long as this government remains in office?”


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