Tories lay into Jeremy Corbyn with ‘tax bombshell’ advert : The Guardian


Party launches personal attack that criticises opposition leader’s tax policy and pacifist views, but Labour responded that the move was ‘desperate’

The Conservatives have launched a personal attack on Jeremy Corbyn by pasting his picture over an image of a bomb with the slogan: “No bombs for our army, one big bombshell for your family.”

The image of the bomb behind the Labour leader’s head is stamped with the words: “More debt, higher tax.”

In text accompanying the poster Theresa May’s party claimed there was a £45bn gap between Labour’s spending plans and the revenue it would raise. But Labour hit back by saying the advert was “yet more nonsense” and dismissing it as “desperate”.

The Conservatives accompanied the advert with words from David Davis, the secretary of state for Brexit.

He said: “Jeremy Corbyn’s nonsensical and irresponsible ideas pose a grave risk to the future of Britain’s economy and…

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