Video: Theresa May flees local reporters in Cornwall, locals unimpressed


‘Weak and wobbly’ Theresa May’s General Election campaign has, so far, been a bizarre damp squib in which she has gone to extreme lengths to avoid anything but the most stage-managed interactions. She has visited empty factories, visited others where the workers were not allowed to talk to the media and addressed ‘crowds’ (being very generous) of party faithful bussed in from outside the area while locals were kept away.

She has even booked venues as a ‘child’s birthday party’ to prevent locals knowing she was coming.

The contrast with man-of-the-people Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leader’s storming start to his campaign – which has seen the Tories’ polling lead plummet in just a few days – could not be greater.

It seems, however, that the widespread derision her campaign ‘tactic’ has met with has had no impact on the Prime Minister’s determination to keep, well, running away.


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