Labour is the party of housing innovation – and is leading the debate on our the current crisis : Left Foot Forward


A comprehensive whole-stock solution is needed.

The stark statistics of our housing crisis are well known.

More than five million new households forming over the next 25 years; council waiting lists at 3.5m people; growing homelessness, rough sleeping and the use of temporary accommodation; house prices and rents in the private sector rising far more rapidly than inflation and earnings; developers hoarding land; and the effective end of social house-building.

Labour is now leading the housing debate, promising a ‘consumer rights revolution’ for renters, with the introduction of new legal standards for rented homes, to tackle rogue or absentee landlords.

But perhaps the most striking initiative is a report published by Shadow Housing Minister John Healey MP through the Labour Housing and Planning Innovation Network, which Healey set up in 2015.

The report describes how Labour in power in local government is building innovative solutions to meeting housing need…

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