The Tory election poster that accidentally tells you the truth : Another Angry Voice


The uncropped version of this poster is like something from the 1970s. It fearmongers about Labour delivering “a tax bombshell for your family”, which someone has helpfully cropped to make it read “hell for your family”, which is what you’re very likely to get under a Tory government.

Hell for your family

After they came to power in 2010 the Tories oversaw the longest sustained decline in workers’ wages in recorded history, meaning that the real value of wages today are still 10.4% below their value in 2007.

Not just a lost decade of wage growth. A decade of negative wage growth.

If you work for a living then the Tories will make things worse as they try to squeeze wages as hard as possible to achieve their dream of competing with China and India on their way up as we pass them on our way down.

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