When Should We Excuse Behaviors due to Mental and Physical Illnesses?

Thoughts, musings, and ramblings

Once again I have been remiss in my plans to blog regularly. I am currently trying to work out the direction I am going to take and remember what I’ve already written so I’m not just repeating myself. One thing I have found interesting is that despite a lack of posts I maintain a steady stream of readers to this site every day, just a few, but still some. What is most interesting about that is that I would say at least 75% of them are viewing this post. It has been shared 81 times on facebook, when I imagine most of my other posts have not even been read once! It’s a post that, to me, asks more questions than it does provide answers, but that clearly touches a nerve with many.

As such, I wanted to try and delve deeper in the topic of mental illness and responsibility…

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