#112 Happy! – ‘What To Do When You’re Not Depressed’


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T he wonders of happiness! Look at all those happy people on commercials, skipping through a lovely meadow, flying kites, living life to the fullest. Maybe they will even have a BBQ with friends later, or laugh gayly as they play with dolphins. Who knows, those happy folk might even bake a cake of happiness and give it out to the homeless, because they’re so happy. Although it should be said a high sugar based diet is not recommended for the malnourished. That would just be irresponsible*.

I suppose, recently, I am amongst these merry men (and women). Depression is nowhere to be found and for the first time in a long time I’m like an Andy Dufresne* figure – I’ve escaped. Although unlike Andy, I have absolutely no idea what to do with my freedom. I see the adverts of…

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