Guest Post: Personifying Anxieties & Difficult Emotions by Dre


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S eeing the world through a humorous and playful lens is an important part of my life and my work as an illustrator .

That being said, I also have many not-so-funny anxieties and difficult emotions that frequently make guest appearances throughout my life. A few years ago I tried cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for the first time for said anxieties and the never-ending barrage of self-critical thoughts. CBT proved to be tremendously helpful in giving me the tools to deal with various issues I grapple with.

A moment that stuck with me was when my therapist asked, “Ok, so what shape does your social anxiety have? What color?” I was stumped. I’d never thought about my anxieties and emotions taking on any kind of visual, concrete form. Later, I started reading more about and practicing mindfulness meditation. A meditation app…

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