How to make your own deep thoughts memes

The Wise Sloth

Save the images below to your computer and edit them using Paint or some other image editing software. (Note: I took all these pictures, and you can use them under creative common license.)


Use the following exercise to brainstorm ideas for your deep thoughts:

Get a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down examples of the following:

  • The things you’re most pissed off about these days
  • All the little things that nettle you like a pebble in your shoe on a constant basis
  • The dumbest, stupidest things you’ve seen people do
  • Pop culture trends that you think are stupid
  • Things your friends bitch about and say are stupid
  • Stereotypes that you’re not allowed to say out loud
  • Examples of people being hypocrites (You can include things you’ve personally done in this list.)
  • People you’re disappointed in
  • Dating advice you’ve learned
  • The most profound observations you’ve…

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