SKWAWKBOX still under attack, please share – and help if you can


As the SKWAWKBOX reported last month, the subject of one of its exposés has made a vexatious threat of legal action, in spite of the subject’s legal team admitting that s/he did do as the article conveyed.

boxingThis blog made a thorough, prompt and vigorous response to the threatening letter, showing point by point that the claim had no basis, including legal advice provided to the SKWAWKBOX that the release of the information was covered by truth and the public interest, as well as providing further information that was not in the original article.

Finally, after a number of chasers, a response has been received from the other party’s lawyers indicating that s/he is still threatening action, even though the article has never contained what they originally stated they were complaining about.

The SKWAWKBOX has reserved the right to publish any and all details of the correspondence and evidential information gathered, because…

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