Theresa May breaks from Cameron ‘cronyism’ by telling MPs who are standing down they won’t receive honours : The Telegraph


Theresa May has signalled an end to cronyism in the honours system by becoming the first prime minister not to publish a dissolution honours list in more than 60 years.

MPs who have chosen not to stand for re-election in June have been told not to expect an award, The Telegraph can disclose.

Mrs May wants a clean break from the tradition of prime ministers using honours lists to reward close aides and advisers.

Her predecessor, David Cameron, was accused of degrading the honours system last year when he showered awards on party donors and Downing Street staff including his wife Samantha’s stylist and two of his former drivers.

Mr Cameron created 13 Tory life peers in his resignation honours, including No 10 political aides Gabrielle Bertin and Camilla Cavendish.

If Mrs May had created a dissolution honours list, it would have been the seventh honours list since the last…

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