Health anxiety? You mean “WebMD syndrome”?

Tales of a Hypochondriac

So I have been told I am a hypochondriac (hence, the name of the blog). It’s a very common form of anxiety that causes you to think you have every disease, health problem or condition there is. Of course, I come from a pretty tough family. Nothing bothers the older generations in my family. Me? I am constantly checking my pulse. Dillon often makes fun of me, and I laugh along, but it is somewhat of a bothersome habit. I find myself hiding my hand under my hair just to see if my heart is beating correctly. My doctor has tried to tell me multiple times that heart palpitations (where you feel your heart flutter/ beat oddly) can be caused by none other than anxiety. But I, being my normal nervous self, still get scared when I feel the slightest out-of-place heartbeat.

That’s not all! Even the smallest twinge in…

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