The girl in the mask


“Your eyes are beautiful…”

She laughed hard – “flirting, huh?”

“What if I say yes?”

“You haven’t seen my face yet…”

She turned around; I held her hand – “Show itthen…get rid of the mask.”

“What if the face behind it doesn’t meet your expectations?” She retorted.

“It won’t matter…”

“Then don’t see it…”

I sighed – “How will I find you if I wish to see you again?”

Not caring to reply, she slipped into her car; “You’ll miss your flight…” She shouted.

Isat besideher silently.

I hardly knew this girl sitting behind the wheel, drivingme to the airport. Two days back when I met her at a themed party, she had this mask on like everybody else. She was the most lively girl I’d ever met.

We spent the whole night talking onthe beach; she wasn’t just another girl. She did everythingin her own queer way. I didn’t…

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