The Tories are now openly planning for “nuclear Brexit” : Another Angry Voice


Theresa May’s team have been briefing the right-wing press* that they’re now working on a plan to launch a “nuclear Brexit” if the negotiations don’t go their way.

This should be deeply concerning to anyone who thinks that a chaotic Tory administered “fuck you” departure from Europe is the worst case scenario in this whole Brexit shambles.

Theresa May’s slow march towards the abyss

The probability of a “no deal” strop away from the Brexit negotiating table looks almost inevitable if Theresa May is not defeated in her opportunistic and self-serving snap election.

She’s already made the path towards a sensible negotiated settlement almost impossible with her no deal is better than a bad deal rhetoric because any deal is obviously going to be a “bad deal” in comparison to the deal we had before (Single Market access, countless beneficial treaties and a huge amount of influence…

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