UKIP: ‘you can’t trust Theresa May with Brexit’. Here’s why (videos) #GE17


There was a remarkable interview yesterday on BBC Five Live with the treasurer of UKIP. Remarkable because – on at least six occasions –he said:

You cannot trust Theresa May with Brexit.

or some very close variant of it.

The local elections – in which UKIP failed to successfully defend a single seat – undoubtedly saw a huge phenomenon of previous UKIP voters switching to the Tories, but it seems they’re being taken for fools by a Tory leader who is not only completely out of her depth in negotiations with seasoned and far more capable EU leaders and negotiators, but whose heart isn’t really in it.

Here’s a very short video of several Theresa May interviews during last year’s referendum campaign that her team is apparently trying desperately to remove from view:

Both in public and in private, May is heard voicing strong support for remaining and talking up the dangers…

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